Now You Can Build Your Email List…
…And Get More People On Your Webinar
(with one single high-converting signup form)

I’ll cut right to the chase:

If you use GoToWebinar and either AWeber or MailChimp, you’ve got three problems. Major problems.

I’ll explain.

Problem #1: You Risk Losing Out On Emails You Earned

Think about this:

When you run a webinar, people sign up with their name and email address, right?


But what happens to those emails?

They’re STUCK in GoToWebinar.

Yes, you can export them…

…But if you’re using Mailchimp or AWeber, you CAN’T import them into the trusted, high deliverability, double opt-in mailing list).

(AWeber is strict about email imports, and if you do it on MailChimp, you’re breaking their terms of service because GoToWebinar isn’t double opt-in confirmation)

Do you really want to lose out on all those emails ?

I know I don’t. Emails can be VALUABLE assets to your business.

The cure is Webinar Bridge.

Here’s how it works:

When you use the Webinar Bridge WordPress plugin, you can create a webinar registration page that collects names and emails…

…And when people press “Reserve My Spot,” people will be added to your email list. Then, after they confirm their email, they’re automatically registered for your webinar.

One page, one form-fill out, and you get both new leads and webinar participants.

Problem #2: “Me Too” Registration Pages Are Easily Ignored

Everyone knows that you need to stand-out from your competitors to make an impact in the overcrowded market.

If you use the default GoToWebinar registration page, you risk looking just like everyone else.

However, with Webinar Bridge, you get the exact Webinar Registration page that I (Derek Halpern) have been using to run my webinars.

It converts well, and you can add custom introductory content, bullets, and webinar instructor pictures. It’s pretty cool.

You’ll also stand out from the same ole GoToWebinar registration page, which can be a very good thing :-) .

See the page here:

Problem #3: Do You Really Want to Mess Around with a Multiple-Step Process?

I won’t lie to you.

You can patchwork together a solution that doesn’t require Webinar Bridge.

You can simply have people opt-in to your mailing list first, and then into your GoToWebinar registration.

Yes, you’ll get emails, but you may lose some people along the way.

As you know, people don’t like filling out forms several times in a few short minutes.

Plus, if you go that route, your registration page will still look like every other boring webinar registration page.

So we believe Webinar Bridge is the only right choice for people who want to take webinars seriously.

We’ve Got Good News, too: Webinar Bridge is Compatible With All Of The Major Theme Frameworks

You can use Webinar Bridge with ANY WordPress theme.

Got Thesis? Genesis? Headway? Woo?

It doesn’t matter.

Webinar Bridge will work.

I know… it’s pretty damn cool, :-)

The Rock-Solid 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you don’t fall in love with Webinar Bridge within the first 30 days, you can return the software, and we’ll issue you a FULL REFUND (no questions asked).

Just log into the member’s area, click on the SUPPORT tab, and send us an email, and we’ll send your money back to you ASAP.

The risk is completely on us here, but we’re not worried. We’re confident you’ll love this product.

P.S. Remember, when using this product, you need both GoToWebinar AND either AWeber or MailChimp. This plugin will not work without those services.

(If you use GoToWebinar, but you don’t use AWeber or Mail Chimp, go to the waiting list page, and we’ll alert you as soon as we’re compatible with other mailing list providers).

P.P.S. Here’s where I’d include a persuasive P.S. to sell you on Webinar Bridge, but I shouldn’t have to. We believe the product speaks for itself :-) .