Finally! Now You Can Use Webinars To Build an Email List FAST

If you want to build an email list FAST, webinars are perfect because they have persuasion triggers built in (scarcity, reciprocity, authority, and etc).

The problem is, if you’re using GoToWebinar, the leading webinar service provider, you’ll need to export all the emails you worked hard to get, and import those emails into your mailing list provider.

It seems easy enough, but if you’re using Aweber or Mailchimp, you must comply with their requirements for email imports. And since GoToWebinar does not use double opt-in confirmation for webinar signups, you can’t even import webinar emails into a double-opt in, high deliverability mailing lists.

Well, that’s where Webinar Bridge comes in. With Webinar Bridge, you can have people opt-in to your mailing list AND the webinar at the same time. It’s easy to set up, complies with all the mailing list and GoToWebinar terms of service, and you get the benefit of both worlds: emails and webinar signups.

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Derek and Matt

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